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Sorry to be awkward, but is this a bust?

If it is, I'm totally willing to help out with restarting it again (perhaps in another media that is less labor/time consuming?).

Status Report - Buried in Tribbles

Hey, everybody.

I just wanted to reassure everyone that yes, the musical is still on. Due to the Christmas holiday, the new semester at uni, some ridiculous snow-weather in my part of the world, and a truly ungodly amount of technical work that needs to be done, the recording process is coming along slower than I would like. That being said, it is still happening, progress is still being made. Alas, that progress is happening between about five people sitting at a computer trying to work out how all of this is going to fit together.

So. I appreciate your patience with me. I will most certainly keep you updated, and hopefully we can begin working with your lovely voices very, very soon.


Hailing Frequencies

Okay! PMs have been sent! Everyone should check their LJ inbox to see them. If you didn't receive a message, PM me. There were four people that the system wouldn't allow me to send messages to: altotastic, awilberforce, hsavinien, and killerclown915. Hopefully this is some sort of technological fault, and not actually a problem with you guys falling off the face of the planet. It sort of frightens me that all four of you are redshirts. So...yeah. Reply to those as soon as you can, letting me know if you can and will do your part, and we should be able to start recording in January!

In the meantime, hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

She's Dead, Jim.

Hey guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that the PMs about casting I said I was going to send have yet to actually be sent. I've been flailing in the throes of final exams, holiday preparations, and the work schedule from hell. I WILL get them done, I just haven't quite had time yet. So... The cast list still stands, and I'll get those confirmations sent out as soon as my head stops exploding.

Thanks for being patient with me!

Cast List

Here it is: the official cast list! I'll be sending out PMs for confirmation over the next couple of days, but hopefully everyone will be able to work with their roles.

Now, the casting board did their best to take into consideration the role that everyone wanted; they also had to work with appropriate vocal ranges and such, which means the role you requested isn't necessarily the role you were assigned. If anybody has a problem with the role they've been assigned, PM me and we can discuss it.

Without further ado:

Captain Kirk - the_arc5
Spock - lunamonkey
Dr. McCoy - musical_magic
Lt. Sulu - john_grimm
Ensign Chekov - kinkme
Lt. Uhura - altotastic
Nurse Chapel - musical_junkie
Scotty - Nick*
Yeoman Rand - whochick
Gaila - kittysorceress
Klang (Our Villain) - heerojf
Computer/Lt. Maguire - little_laugh
Lt. Riley - awilberforce
Ensign 'Ricky' Phillips - hsavinien
Ensign 'Pete' Smith - killerclown915
Ensign Gloria Jones - chekovinthesky
Ensign Katie Sheppard - jantra

Lt. Maguire, Lt. Riley, Ensigns Phillips, Smith, Jones, and Sheppard...your shirts will be red.

*Nick - This guy is a RL friend of mine who really wanted to be involved. He even got an LJ specifically for the purpose...and totally failed at using it. He did send in an audition, just via email instead of LJ. I'm trying to help the poor man, but it looks like he'll be participating through my LJ instead of his own.

Last post, I asked for prop volunteers. whochick is compiling a pictorial list of what she needs, so more on that later. Thanks to everybody who responded, though; I WILL be getting back to you.


Our Help Wanted page is getting a little unwieldy, so I'm going to break things down a bit.

Musicians. This is your time.

I know all of you have already posted your stats and such on the Help Wanted page...I'm just having trouble navigating. So all of you musically inclined folks, please post here which instruments you can/are willing to play. This will help out the musical department pass out parts as we get ready to compose and record songs.

And don't forget that you can have more than one role! Just because you're a singer doesn't mean you can't play the piano or the drums or the trumpet or the triangle, too!


Ladies and gentlemen, casting is now officially CLOSED.

Many thanks for everyone who auditioned. I'll be getting with the casting board this week, with any luck. The goal is to have roles posted by the seventh; I'll alert you guys if that has to change. Once the auditions have been reviewed and the casting board has argued a bit, I'll post a cast list here, as well as send a PM to each cast member individually.

This is important. While I don't have a specific date on when recording will commence, I do know we will start sometime in January. Cast members will need access to a webcam in order to do their part. I also need some assurance that yes, you will actually be around to do your lines. I'll announce all recording deadlines AT LEAST a week in advance; I also understand that real life does happen, and we all get sick or bitten by a moose or whatever. I'm not going to hunt you down if you need an extension. However, I do need you to be reasonably sure you will have some time to devote to practicing and recording your role. I don't want to have to recast a role halfway through the process, either for lack of participation or shoddy performance. That just sucks for everyone. The point here: if you get cast in a role you don't think you can commit to, let me know early. Good? Good.

I will not be closing applications for composers, lyricists, or crew members at the moment, so feel free to keep 'em coming. I'll let you know when we have those positions filled adequately and/or post a date when applications will be closed.

Finally, I've done some chatting with whochick, and she needs some help with props. She is located in Australia, which for those of us on a different continent means some mailing costs; however, she is more or less footing the bill for our animation as well as actually, well, animating this thing. I figure a few shipping costs won't kill us too dead. So, all you crafty people, can I get a few volunteers? If interested parties will give me a wave, I can get you hooked up with an assignment. The sooner we get the sets compiled, the sooner we can start shooting!

You guys are all so incredibly awesome. I know I say this a lot, but that's because it's so very, very true. I appreciate all of your hard work, and looking at what's been accomplished so far, I can safely say it's paying off. When this is finished, it will rock so hard, VULCANS WILL EXPERIENCE EMOTION. NO LIE.


Hello, everybody. I know the comm's been fairly quiet lately, but that doesn't mean the project is lagging. Quite the opposite! Thanks to PMs, emails, and Skype (which is a lovely invention I just added...anybody who wants to play, let me know!), there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work happening. None of it is very glamorous, but all very necessary. I appreciate the continued hard work everybody is putting in.

That being said, we're coming to a place where I'm going to start imposing deadlines. For the moment, this is pretty much in regards to casting; I want to get roles passed out fairly soon so we can do any tweaking we need to with the music, scripts, etc., as well as put out desperate pleas for roles that don't get filled. Also, don't you want to know who you're playing? :)


November 30th will be the last day to post your audition, INCLUDING SONG. The casting board needs to hear your voices. 30 seconds or so is fine, just something that gives an idea of your vocal ability.

And I know you've all been great with pimping this project, which I appreciate. Still, I'm going to indulge myself and ask pretty please with sugar on top for everyone to remind your flist and anybody else you think might be interested that the project needs voice actors and singers. There are still some roles that nobody has auditioned for! I'm also in need of someone who can pull a reasonable Scottish accent. This is very, very important.

Again, thanks, everyone, for your continued hard work. The project is really coming together, and I can't wait to see it completed.

Song: Red Shirt Blues

Howdy dudes and dudettes.

I cut open my thumb defrosting my freezer yesterday. I don't even know how, but the upshot of which is that my fingers are being twats at the moment.

BUT here is a blues riff for you lyricists to consider.


It's rough but has the bluesy feel I think you're going for.

At the moment, the only bit I really like is in the G-F-C sequence (For those not musically astute, 0:27 onwards) which seems like a good place for:

I wore this on a dare and now I
haven't got a prayer
I'm a red shirt set to lose

Of course, with more work and a FIXED THUMB I'll be able to make this better. (Bass riff springs to mind, as does harmonica).



A Brief and Inconsequential Thought

This means practically nothing in the grand scheme of things, but...

The vampires have a musical, people. I Kissed A Vampire. I discovered this via iTunes, listened to a few songs, and good god, man. We are SO much cooler than this.

I just needed to get that out of my system.

In the interest of making posts that are, you know, relevant... How would you guys feel about making an st_musical t-shirt? We could vote on a design and post it on Cafe Press for people to order or not as they choose. Thoughts?